Group Camp – Foxlease, Sept 2010

The Cubs and Scouts came together last weekend for a brilliant group camp. We were fortunate enough to have absolutely perfect weather so managed to do all sorts of exciting and challenging activities.

Ed: From a Scouts point of view, it was fantastic to see the new troop gel together, with new assistant patrol leaders and patrol leaders taking over from where the old ones left off at the end of summer camp – congratulations to them. Equally impressive was seeing scouts helping each other, even the brand new scouts helping older scouts!

This is the start of what I am sure will be a great year for the scouts and us leaders! Roll on the next camp – sadly we’ll have to wait 5 months now!!

Neil: Our Cubs had a great time too. They seemed to be up for everything from the massive Foxlease zip-wire to doing the washing up! My favourite activity was our big Saturday afternoon Treasure Hunt through the New Forest which was set up by George, one of our Young Leaders. I was really impressed with how the Cubs hiked with maximum enthusiasm – and minimal moaning! – and was pleased to see they had a real and well deserved sense of achievement at the end.

As well as the Activities, I think they’ll also remember the Wide Games in the dark, the Campfire Circle, the Tin Can Football Challenge, the “Adder” in the woods (ask them) and the fantastic food, courtesy of Maggie and Susy. I think our four newest Cubs deserve special mention too – they camped like Cub Camp Veterans and we were delighted to be able to Invest them on Sunday afternoon. Follow this link to see the Cub Photos on flickr.

Finally, from Nico, Ed and Neil, many, many thanks to all those who made the Camp possible, who dedicated countless hours of their precious time to make it happen and who helped it to run so smoothly.


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