Cub Camp Kit List

Kit list: 2-night camps

  • Please pack kit into a hold-all style bag – much easier than rucksacks to get things into & out of. It’s good to use a black bin bag as a “lining” to keep the clothes dry just in case the bag gets wet.
  • Please involve your Cub with the packing so they know where everything is.
  • Please make sure everything is named. Old clothes that can get muddy and/or damaged are best.
  • It will be cold at night. Please send your Cub with an appropriate sleeping bag and blanket to ensure they are warm.
  • Please only send cakes to share. No other food/sweets – or mice will nibble holes into the tents!
  • No mobile phones, electronic games, or other gadgets are allowed.
  • No money please.
  • All medicines must be in a labelled bag with instructions and given to the designated leader on arrival.
Cake/fruit to share – see final email as to who’s bringing which
Cub jumper, t-shirt & necker – please wear on arrival
3+ t-shirts
2 warm jumpers/fleece tops
3+ pairs of trousers – no jeans
3+ changes of underwear
3+ pairs socks and thick socks for wellies/boots
Waterproof coat
Waterproof trousers
Sturdy trainers or walking boots
Hat & gloves or sun hat – depending on weather
Wash kit & towel
Roll mat – foam or self-inflating – NO air-mattresses or camp beds
Warm sleeping bag
2 pairs pyjamas – NO onesies
Book & 2-4 player game
Teddy – everyone brings one so if someone needs theirs they aren’t the odd one out
Sun cream
Water bottle
Plastic sandwich box
Small rucksack to fit waterproofs & lunch
2 old tea towels
Torch with new batteries & spares
2 strong bin bags for wet clothes

Note: No responsibility for the personal equipment/clothing and effects can be accepted by the camp organisers and The Scout Association does not provide automatic insurance cover in respect to such items.