Cub Camp Q&A

Cub Camp Q&A

  • What kit should my Cub bring?

See the kit list. IMPORTANT: please label all your kit, or you probably won’t get it back at the end! It is amazing how much kit gets lost at camp. Biros or Sharpies work well on fabric.

Please help your cub to pack the bag so that they know where each item is. We are always amazed at how many items that “Mum didn’t put in the bag” are really there all the time.

Please don’t let them bring any electronic gadgets, in case they get lost or damaged. So, no games consoles and no phones!

  • Can my Cub bring some sweets or treats?

Please, no. They should not need any, as we will make sure that every cub eats a good breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Cubs that bring sweets tend to eat them all on the first night. They then get no sleep and have a rotten time the next day.

Food in tents can cause a dreadful mess and lots of problems. Squirrels especially will eat through tents/rucksacks/sleeping bags/plastic storage boxes even training shoes to get to food. Leave it in the store tent where it will be kept safe. This is where we will keep the cakes which we ask Cubs to bring so that we can share some goodies as dessert treats after our meals at camp.

  • What will the food be like?

Fantastic! Unless they have an allergy or dietary requirement we encourage Cubs to at least try everything. There will be lots of choice! Breakfast and evening meal are usually cooked, lunch is sandwiches etc.

  • How cold does it get at night?

It can be pretty cold, so your Cub needs a warm sleeping bag. They should also bring a blanket but please be aware that it may get a little muddy. Wearing a hat in bed keeps your feet warm! It is also important to have a foam sleeping mat to lie on, to keep you away from the cold ground.

  • Who will my Cub be sharing a tent with?

The leaders spend a lot of time working out the best plan for who is in each tent. Their aim is to make sure that each tent has friends in it, and each tent has an experienced Cub who can help the younger ones.

  • Is there anything parents can do to help?

Talk to your child about what to expect. Let leaders know of any specific anxieties, these can often be resolved. Make sure that leaders have all the information they need about your child. Our general rule of thumb is that in any given situation we will try to act as a responsible parent would.

At the end of the camp, we may send your Cub home with some equipment or part of a tent that needs cleaning or drying. Please return it clean and dry at the next Cub meeting.

  • How can we contact my Cub at the camp?

It really is better not to. If there is an emergency we will be in touch but generally contact with home will only make any tendency to homesickness worse. If you have an emergency, then please call the leaders. The phone numbers are on your OSM invite.

  • What are washing and toilet facilities like?

All of the sites we use have permanent toilet blocks. Some have both hot and cold water, a few have showers. We try very hard to make sure that every Cub washes and brushes their teeth every day, but we can’t guarantee this will happen!