Back to Brownsea!

Don’t be deceived! We arrived on Brownsea Island by ferry like everyone else does (except for Anders who sailed his Dinghy over) but the Cubs did spend a lot of time on – and in – the water.

We camped on Baden-Powell’s original campsite, all 25 Cubs came and all 25 Cubs were brilliant! The programme was pretty full on – but lets hear what some of the Cubs made of the whole experience…

Matthew liked “everything” but especially “peacocks everywhere, having our own campsite, all the activities”. Matt’s Mum said that Matt’s Camp by numbers was – 48 hours, 6 sausages, 43 cakes, 0 soap!
Thomas liked “seeing Red Squirrels and enjoyed the archery but not the midges!”
Frankie said “It was awesome, fun, adventurous and increases your lack of fear (helps you overcome your fears)!!”
Quinn said “The fun, the peacocks there were loads of peacocks. The freedom to walk off to the shop with friends”
Ned, who came to camp with a bandaged knee said “I liked brownsea, even though I had a bad leg. I enjoyed it by helping people make the den and chatting to friends. I also was able to do the activities.”
Greg, liked “the Wide Games, the Food and the Peacocks”.

Thanks to everyone who put in so much time to make this ambitious camp work so well. Thanks especially to the Leaders and Parents who camped with us and a special thank you to Maggie, Susy and Paula for the fantastic food!

Follow this link to see the Photoshow on YouTube.

Follow this link to see the Photos on flickr.

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