Cubs and Scouts Race to Victory

[simage=650,200,n,left,left] On Sunday, the Cubs and Scouts raced in the district cross country competition.

From Scouts, congratulations to Daniel who came third in his age group, with Max coming 5th. Finn, Josh and Jin-Ho worked together to claim a team victory in the over 12 age group, returning the trophy to its rightful owners!!

The Cubs over 9.5 also claimed victory for the team trophy, with the under 9.5s coming second. Alfie Da… triumphed, coming first by a long way in the under 9.5 race. Ned stormed to second place in the over 9.5. But all our Cubs ran brilliantly for the 14th, so congratulations to Frankie, Euan, Robert, Dodi, Ned, Fraser, Thomas, Finn, Alfie Da…, Quinn, Gregory, Rory and Alfie Du….


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