Cable Cars, Climbing Walls and a Crew of Corsairs

Six of our Cubs came up with a fantastic “Alton Towers Cable Car” design for the Southampton City District Scrapheap Challenge. They listened to a story and then had to produce a model based on some aspect of what they’d heard using scrap materials. The 14th Cubs were commended for being a great team that produced a really creative model. Well done team!

And please check out the photos from our trip to the St Mary’s Climbing wall. The instructors were really impressed with the enthusiasm, determination and skill of our Cubs. The photos are here.

Next, here’s a picture of the fearsome crew that braved the Pirate Evening

And finally the photos from our visit to the St Mary’s Fire Station are here.

One thought on “Cable Cars, Climbing Walls and a Crew of Corsairs

  1. Well done scouts!

    I write the website, and keep an eye on all sort of community activity going on around our area. I would love to feature your achievements on my site from time to time – maybe you would let me draw stories from your website when they are posted?

    Get in touch via my site if you can, and maybe we can chat.

    Yo Ho Ho Pirates!