Pinewood Derby and Summer Fete 2006

Many thanks to everyone who supported our Pinewood Derby and Fete this year.

Race Winners:
First: Golden Arrow by Luke
Second: Crocodile by Joshua
Third: Door Wej by Tom Merry

Best Looking Cars:
First: by Jamie Woodcock
Second: Dukes of Hazzard by Ethan
Third: FS6 by Ferhan

Most Original Designs:
First: Three Wheeler by Rueben
Second: Surf Board by Rueben
Third: Pencil by Freddie

Brightest Coloured Cars:
First: Rainbow by John
Second: VVZ by Nicholas
Third: No. 16 by Jimin

Mad Mad Mad:
First: Dodecahedron by Jennifer
Second: Mini by Charlotte
Third: Cheese by Emily

Report and Photos

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